Cherry Bomb Castile Soap

Cherry Bomb Castile Soap

Yummy scent & vibrant colours make this little beauty an instant favourite! Sweet Cheery and almond scent.

A pure Castile bar that has been aged is the ultimate in quality soap. Made according to the traditional recipe which uses only pure olive oil, no other oils or butters, and lye water to create the perfect pure Castile bar. Feel free to save this beauty - it will get even better with age. By the time it reaches a year old, Castile is at its best - becoming an amazingly firm bar that lasts and lasts, and has a gentle, super-mild lather that is perfect for sensitive skin. Leaves skin feeling silky and so gently cleansed.

Handmade in NZ with love.

Ingredients: olive oil, water, lye, fragrance oils, mica & colours, bio-degradable glitter added.

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